As the only developer of affordable homeownership in Thurston County, we offer families a variety of solutions.

Since 1989, we have housed 112 children and 134 adults.

We partner with individuals and families to help build or improve a place they can call home, and find the stability and security they need for a better future. Home equity is the leading asset households can leverage to start businesses and finance college educations.

Providing qualifying families access to the American Dream.

Improving the quality and health of homes through affordable repair services.

Building stronger, more vibrant communities alongside local residents and leaders.

Promoting practical public policy in support of affordable housing solutions.

Supporting Habitat for Humanity International’s global homebuilding efforts.

Providing qualifying families access to the American Dream.

Why shelter?

Affordable homeownership creates conditions that free families from instability, stress, and fear.

Wherever we work, we witness tangible evidence that stable, affordable shelter creates positive, long-lasting change for families and entire communities.