Habitat works all over the world, transforming lives and communities through housing.

As a global organization delivering local impact, Habitat is uniquely positioned to address the world’s shelter crisis.

The Habitat for Humanity network is made up of independent, local affiliates in all 50 states, including your local affiliate here in Thurston County. Habitat for Humanity International leads our work in developing countries, which South Puget Sound Habitat supports through our annual tithe.

Habitat’s international work focuses on increasing access to homeownership and housing finance, improving housing affordability and quality, helping communities prepare for and respond to natural disasters, building strong and resilient neighborhoods, and providing shelter and support services to the most vulnerable.

Areas of focus:

construction, rehab, + repair
disaster risk reduction + response
market development
orphans + vulnerable groups
water, sanitation, + hygiene

Habitat for Humanity International works in over 70 developing countries worldwide.

Your support builds stronger, safer communities both near and far.

Your donations not only help local families thrive but you also make an impact through homebuilding efforts across the globe. Each year, South Puget Sound Habitat tithes a percentage of unrestricted contributions to support the work of Habitat for Humanity International’s global homebuilding efforts.

Habitat for Humanity Haiti

South Puget Sound Habitat’s tithing supports the Habitat organization in Haiti.

The destruction caused by the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Matthew in 2016 greatly exacerbated Haiti’s affordable housing problem. The Port-au-Prince region alone needs up to 500,000 additional housing units to make up for the pre-earthquake housing shortage, replace stock lost during the hurricane, and accommodate the significant amount of expected urban growth.

Removing barriers to decent housing in Haiti helps families gain access to the resources they need to invest in repairing and upgrading their homes. Some of the greatest barriers include:

To reduce the threat of eviction and to encourage investment in repairs, Haitians need to have clear, transparent, and efficient land transfer processes and ownership verification methods.

Approximately 8 out of 10 families in Haiti build their homes over several years. Families construct more sustainable housing faster when they can consistently access affordable, quality products and services.

Families benefit from training in how to construct disaster-resistant homes and to use materials best suited for their location.

Many Haitian communities are well-organized at a local level, but their efforts and voices remain unheard at municipality levels. With resources and support, their voices bring recognition to a community’s needs and capacity to solve problems at a grassroots level.

Tithing Impact

Habitat affiliates who want to support or partner with Habitat’s international development programs tithe – donate undesignated funds – to their country of choice. Tithing is one of the most effective ways US Habitat affiliates can support partners in need. The Habitats that receive tithing use the donations to leverage other international aid to secure more resources for their work. South Puget Sound Habitat’s support for Habitat for Humanity Haiti began in 2018. Before that, we tithed to the Habitat for Humanity global initiative.

Habitat for Humanity Haiti utilized South Puget Sound Habitat’s tithing for water sanitation, increasing access to renewable electricity, and affordable housing advocacy.

number of homes built internationally
avg cost per international housing solution in 2020


Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program connects volunteers with homebuilding opportunities around the world.