Build Update: 2016 Funding Awards Drives Biggest Build Year Yet

Wood's Glen


We are pleased to announce that South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity will be starting eight new owner-occupied homes at Deyoe Vista this year.

Construction starts at Deyoe Vista this February with two cottages to be followed by a bungalow. The remaining five units built will depend upon the household size and need of the applicant. Once these eight homes are finished and the families are living safely inside, Deyoe Vista will be forty-percent complete.

Primary funding comes from two sources: the Housing Trust Fund which has awarded four-hundred thousand dollars to SPS Habitat for the 2016 build year, and Thurston County which has awarded one-hundred and sixty thousand dollars to SPS Habitat in 2016. We would like to thank The Department of Commerce and the Thurston County Commissioners.

Both these awards echo the findings of many major counties with successful housing programs that diversity in low-income housing is a good idea. Poor households deserve an option other than “poverty housing.”

SPS Habitat offers that option through homeownership, where: very-low income families are stabilized; children are healthier and do better in schools; these children are more likely to graduate and attend college; all the while the family builds equity (up to $10,000 a year) and pays taxes (Habitat homes generated over $80,000 in property taxes in 2015 for Thurston County).

Helping families help themselves helps everybody.