HFHI National Advocacy Agenda

  1. Advance homeownership opportunities for lower-income households.
  2. Promote access to a range of safe, healthy, affordable housing options.
  3. Promote financial stability for individuals and families.
  4. Cultivate and preserve healthy and vibrant communities.

Housing Development Consortium 2017 Legislative Priorities

  1. Invest $200 million in the Housing Trust Fund in the 2017-18 biennium to address the growing need for homes affordable to low-income families and individuals.
  2. Renew and increase document recording fees to fight homelessness.
  3. Allow local governments the authority to enact up to 0.25% Real Estate Excise Tax for affordable housing.
  4. Enact legislation to protect renters from unfair source-of-income discrimination.
  5. Adopt a balanced and responsible budget that increases revenue and preserves vital human services.