Frequently Asked Questions about Habitat Homeownership

I need housing now. How can Habitat help?
SPS Habitat’s Homeownership program is a year long process, however we can help you find immediate housing assistance through our extensive network of community resources in Thurston County. Call 360-956-3456 X 4 for more information.
I've applied before. Do I need to re-apply?
If you have applied before but weren’t selected, we ask that you apply again to ensure we have the most up to date information.
Are Habitat homes only for families?

No, Habitat Homeownership is for everyone. We encourage both individuals and families to apply. Here’s a good article on this topic from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that you may find helpful.

Do I have to be religious?

No, Habitat Homeownership is for everyone. We encourage all people to apply.

I have a big family. Is there a limit on the number of people who can live at a Habitat home?

No, Habitat Homeownership is for everyone. We encourage all family sizes to apply.

How long before I can move into my Habitat house?

On average, it takes our families about 1 year to complete the program and move into their new home.

What is Sweat Equity?

Sweat Equity is the time you personally spend helping SPS Habitat Staff build your home. We require 500 hours of sweat equity per adult that will be living in the home. Reasonable accommodations will be made for any physical limitations and/or other disabilities.

Can I apply for a Habitat House if I am self-employed?

Absolutely, all we need is a verification of your income including your tax returns for the last three years.

Who do I need to put on the program application?

All of the people who will be living in the house. However, the “applicant” is the person(s) whose name will appear on the deed of ownership.

I filed for bankruptcy in the past. How does bankruptcy affect my application?

It depends on what type of bankruptcy and when your debts were discharged. For chapter 7 bankruptcy, your debt must have been discharged for two years prior to applying. For chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must complete your payment plan prior to applying.

My credit score isn’t the best. Does that matter?

We are here to help people who may have run into credit problems in the past, but who can demonstrate the ability and readiness to own their own home.

Can I add change/ make additions to my Habitat Home?

Habitat Houses are governed by Home Owners Associations (HOAs). Like all HOAs there are rules that state what changes you may or may not make to your home. Most exterior structural changes are not allowed, to maintain a consistent neighborhood appearance. For specific questions please contact our staff at 360-956-3456 X 4.

Do Habitat homes come with garages?

Our homes are not built with garages to maximize the number of homes we can build in each of our communities.

Can I choose which home on the property I want?

Unfortunately because of our building schedule, your choice will be limited.