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About Habitat Homeownership

Eligible and qualified buyers have the opportunity to own a Habitat home by applying to the Homebuyer Program. This is real homeownership. For most qualifying households, we offer the most affordable path to owning a home Learn more here.

How it Works

It starts with attending orientation. You get ready to apply, work on your application, and submit it at an application meeting. Our selection committee reviews your application, and if you’re selected, you will begin participating in the program for about 10 to 12 months. When you’re all done, you buy your home. Learn more here.

Eligibility and Qualification

Homebuyers must meet several basic eligibility requirements to submit an application. If you’re eligible, we use three criteria to evaluate your application and determine if you’re ready to own a Habitat home. Learn more here.

What We Build

Take a virtual tour of our “cottage” and browse pictures of our other homes and communities. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions. Learn more here.

Additional Resources

Assess whether you’re ready to own a home and find other resources for immediate needs. Learn more here.