The Financial Empowerment program is a series of one-on-one meetings with Habitat staff to help you better understand your financial well-being. The goal of program is to (i) help you assess your financial well-being, (ii) add to your knowledge of personal finance, and (iii) follow-up and support you as you plan your financial future. We may present strategies and concepts you are already familiar with and use in your life. Our goal is to refresh on these topics as well as add to your knowledge base.

Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting, Habitat staff will go over basic financial education. Here is what you should know by the end of the initial meeting:

  • How to determine net worth
  • How to make a budget
  • How to budget to save
  • How to asses savings options
  • How to build your credit and credit score
  • Control debt
  • How to choose the right financial institution for you

Follow-Up Meetings

Follow-up sessions go further in-depth into specific topics. You choose which ones you feel will best meet your current needs, or you can choose all of them. Here is a list of our current offering:

  • Setting goals and planning for large purchases
  • Saving for emergencies, bills, and goals
  • Tracking and managing income and benefits
  • Paying bills and other expenses
  • Getting through the month
  • Dealing with debt
  • Understanding credit reports and scores
  • Money services, cards, accounts, and loans: Finding what works for you
  • Protecting your money